• Pre Shipment Inspection / Post Shipment Inspection.

    PSI is an important and reliable quality control method for ensuring that the goods supplied by the seller to the buyer strictly comply with the specifications.
    After ordering the buyer request or contract with the third party to performed the quantity and quality control of goods. Normally an independent inspection company is assigned with the task of PSI, as it is in the interest of the buyer that an independent third party verifies the quantity and quality.

    Pre-shipment inspection can greatly avoid the risk of fraud and ensure that clients satisfaction.

    The pre-shipment inspection is utilized for:
    • Checking the total amount of goods and packing
    • Controlling the quality and/or consistency of goods
    • Verifying compliance with the standards of the destination country

    Atlantic Surveyors is licensed and registered by the government of Pakistan for pre / post shipment inspection(s) in the field of Manufactured Goods, Agri-products, Natural Resources, Refined Products, Textile, Crops, Grains, Seeds, Cotton, Wool, Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical Products, Fertilizers and Other Chemicals.

  • Bank Muccadum (Pledge)

    In the role of Muccadum the Company is a provider of services in a highly professional manner in set standard procedure in accordance with Client’s requisites as would be expected from a Company of repute.

    Upon receipt of instructions from our valued clients to take over a certain pledge, we mobilize our team of experts for preliminary checking and scrutiny of the stock. Once the stock is satisfactorily taken over, our go-down keepers maintain vigilance round the clock and effect followings on behalf of the Banks:

    •  Safety, security and fire-fighting arrangements are checked and discrepancies (if any) are intimated to the borrower as well as the Bank.

    •  Go-down-keepers are briefed from time to time on the nature of pledge they are supposed to monitor

    •  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been laid down for our Supervisors / Regional Offices giving them guideline for conducting spot-checking and ensuring compliance with SOPs.

    •  Close liaison is maintained with the Bank to ensure smooth running of the pledge. Any unusual behavior by the borrowers on site is reported to the bank to assist the bank in their decision-making.

    •  Bank’s Board, Stock Register, Bin Cards, Locks and Stickers (as and when required) are placed on the site.

    •  A team of inspectors regularly visit the sites for the purpose of inspection. They submit report of their findings / non-compliances (if any) to the main office.

  • Pre Purchase Of Vessels/Ships

    A pre-purchase survey is an in-depth, thorough evaluation of all the vessel’s systems.  When conditions permit, the inspection includes operational testing of all equipment. A sea trial is also highly recommended and is generally included in the cost of the survey when conditions permit and the sea trial is conducted on the same day as the inspection.  Other inspections include rigging, machinery and electrical systems. 

    A Pre-purchase Survey report is designed to assist you in post survey negotiations, scheduling required repairs, completing routine and preventive maintenance as well as making decisions for upgrades in the near and distant future. A pre-purchase survey is a systematic, thorough, and operational evaluation of the entire vessel's structure, systems and equipment that includes: Hull, deck, & structure, Machinery installations, Fuel, Exhaust and Electrical systems, USCG-mandated safety gear, cargo gear and Operational test of monitoring.

  • Off-hire/On hire Of Vessels/Ships
    When hiring a vessel the chartered have the responsibility for returning the vessel to the owner in much the same condition as in the beginning of the charter, to ensure this, it is usual for the parties to retain the services of a surveyor at the beginning / completion of the charter to record the conditions. A full report is generated with photographs for better judgment and surveyors observations.
  • Off-hire/On hire Of Containers
    Atlantic Surveyors specializes in providing inspections on tank containers, reefers and box containers, providing the most common services, in addition to a wide range of specialized services. These services include periodic inspections, gas free inspections, wall washes, lab-analyses and insurance assistance. With a dedicated team of professionals, the services are provided in the area where Atlantic or its partners are present.
  • Bunkers Survey
    Bunker surveys offer an independent and impartial quantity measurement service for marine fuels. We provide comprehensive documentation for each survey to support any shortage claims or quality disputes.

    Our bunker quality and quantity survey is known to be the most thorough fuel measurement service in the market and involves:
    • Comprehensive survey report
    • Proper fuel sampling procedures
    • Photos on sampling where permitted
    • Post-delivery tank measurements on bunker tanker and receiving vessel
    • Re-calculation of quantity delivered and received based on tested density
    • Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel

    For easy access we have an extensive network of surveyors who can provide bunker quantity measurements in major ports of call. Periodic skills upgrade and regular on-the-job inspections by senior staff help our surveyors maintain top service quality at all times.
  • Loading/Discharging Supervision/Superintendant
    Atlantic Surveyors loading and discharge supervision expertise for the industry comprises of:
    • Sampling and testing for quality
    • Quantity and Weight verification
    • Packaging & labeling verification
    • Control of loading and discharge operations
    • Grading and certifying the reception of produce and shipments
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Traceability

    Loading and discharge supervision is part of a range of other transportation & shipping services for the industry which include: • Cleanliness inspections
    • Logistic support
    • Damage surveys
  • Hatch Inspection

    Hold and hatch inspection is part of a larger service that Atlantic Surveyors provides to assure that the shipped material will be received in the same condition as when it was loaded. Buyers or sellers can order visual inspection of the hold prior to loading. This gives both parties the confidence that the cargo will not be contaminated by material already in the hold, or altered in any way by vessel deficiencies. Our inspectors will immediately report any abnormalities to the appropriate authority. Digital photographic documentation is also provided. Certificates of inspection are provided upon completion of the job, thereby minimizing transit losses.

  • Containers Inspection
    Containers Stuffing/De stuffing

    Before packing inspection involves the inspection and checking of container inside and outside where the following are checked and verified.

    Outside of container:

    • No holes or cracks in walls or roof.
    • Doors operate properly.
    • Closing devices operate properly.
    • No adhesive labels from the previous cargo, e.g. IMO placards.
    • For flat racks: stanchions (if ordered) are complete and correctly fitted. For 40' flat racks: all lashing belts are present.
    • For open-top containers: roof bows are complete and correctly fitted.
    • For open-top containers: tarpaulins are undamaged and fit properly; ends of tarpaulin ropes are undamaged; all roof eyes are present.
    • For hard-top containers: roof is undamaged, roof locking mechanism fits and operates properly.

    Inside of Container:

    • Container is watertight. Test method: enter container, close both doors tightly and look for incoming light (e.g. through cracks, holes, door gaskets etc.)
    • Container interior is absolutely dry. (Wipe up any condensation or white frost in order to avoid corrosion and moisture damage of the cargo.)
    • Container is clean, free of cargo residues and neutral in odor.
    • No nails or other protrusions which could damage the cargo.


    • The doors and, if applicable, roof covering have been carefully closed.
    • Closures are secured with metal and other seals in order to reduce the risk of theft.
    • If the cargo is covered with tarpaulins in special containers: the tarpaulins are securely fastened.
    • Old adhesive labels have been removed.
    • For refrigerated containers with refrigeration unit and heat-able tank containers: the correct temperature has been set. For refrigerated containers, the temperature recorder is running and the temperature is displayed.
    Insurance Claims

    Assessors / loss adjusters

    We are on the panel of major insurance companies of Pakistan and have successfully carried out the following on behalf of insurance companies.
    • Investigation of marine claims
    • Assessment of loss within the scope of applicable policy
    • Adjustment of loss as per terms / conditions of relevant insurance policy
    • Salvage and disposal of partial losses and CTL goods.
  • Marine and Industrial Consultant
    Marine & Industrial Consultants from the last two decades is serving not only the National Shipping Companies but also many foreign shipping companies with a wide range of products available for logistics and industrial usage.

    • As the authorized agents for of various cargo and shipping companies we have been providing services and technical consultancy for shipping related activities
    • We also offer: -We are a ONE-STOP company for all your Shipping as well as Industrial needs. We assure you our best services and close attention at all times